North China Heavy Machinery

Sales team

Our goal is to provide product and service to our customers.

Based on international management style, we provide thoughtful services in time before sales, during sales and after sales. Our “whole life quality” Principle gain the trust and good reputation from our customer.


1.    Before sales service

NCHM target is to understand the Customers needs and requirement in order to offer the solutions that will meet or exceed their expectation.


2.    During sales service

HCHM works to understand the Customers needs, requirements and expectations in order to develop the Equipment Specifications, Scope of Supply and Commercial and Technical Offers that will satisfy the Customers.


2.1 After sales service

2.2 If the equipment win the bidding, we will put into our energy immediately during previous preparation, provide the information drawings of plant and civil engineering and other data on time. Provide the drawings, instruction manual and engineering instructions of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

2.3 NCHM provide service of high quality, we have a technical training and field operation training to the staff of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, in order to make the technical staff and operator have a good command of technology.

2.4 During equipment installation, NCHM will dispatch the engineering technicians who has the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to complete the installation and no-load commissioning of all equipments and also complete the installation record and commissioning report.


3.    NCHM provides a lifelong high quality service for customers.

3.1 Training the operator.

3.2 During commissioning, if the equipment presents any performance issue, NCHM will dispatch its experts in time for solving the issues after receiving the notice.

The quality guarantee period of is 12 months which shall be applied from the time of normal operation. In the guarantee period, if have any manufacturing problem, NCHM will dispatch the technical staff to repair or change for free; if it’s not manufacturing problem, we also dispatch the technical staff to repair or change, and we only charge travel costs, wages and the replacement of components or parts if need.

3.3Every customer is our friendly relations and cooperation partner, even after the expire of quality guarantee, we will provide high quality service if customers need.

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